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Mike's Clock Clinic's Time Information Blocks. (TIB's)

Most of the files listed below were prepared by Tim Sweet .   A few of these I stole from various horological Web sites.

You should also be aware that all of the file I have on the Internet have been scanned with the latest version of Avast! Anti-Virus.

If you are using these pages for research then the link below will give you the broadest based Internet exposure concerning both clocks and watches.

All research questions should be directed to the:

Historical Clock & Watch Research Board

I will NOT respond to such questions.

There are 74 files.

The individual file links are below.

  1. Table of Contents- It describes and displays the files listed below in strict alphabetical order.
  2. J. C. Adams - File name adams.txt.
  3. American Watch Co. (Waltham) - File name amer.txt.
  4. Ansonia Clock Company - File name ansoniac.txt.
  5. Ansonia Watch Company - File name ansoniaw.txt.
  6. Austrian Clock and Watchmaking - File name austrian.txt.
  7. Webb C. Ball / Ball Watch Co. - File name ball.txt.
  8. Tobias Bauerle and Mathais Bauerle - File name bauerle.txt.
  9. Johann Baptist Beha - File name beha.txt.
  10. Bulova Watch Company - File name bulova.txt.
  11. Watch Case Manufacturers - File name casemfg.txt.
  12. The John Chadsey Pocket Watch - File name chadsey.txt.
  13. Cheshire Watch Company - File name cheshire.txt.
  14. Columbus Watch Co. - File name columbus.txt.
  15. John Dyson (Dyson and Sons Co.) - - File name dyson.txt.
  16. E. Howard Watch Works - File name ehoward.txt.
  17. Elgin / Elgin National Watch Co. - File name elgin.txt.
  18. John Ellicott Co. - File name ellicot.txt.
  19. James Jones Elliott - File name elliott.txt.
  20. Enfield Clock Co. - File name enfield.txt.
  21. Charles Fasoldt Watch Co. - File name fasoldt.txt.
  22. Fattorini & Son - File name fattorin.txt.
  23. Clear Protective Finishes - File name finishes.txt.
  24. Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. - File name gilbert.txt.
  25. Luther Goddard - File name goddard.txt.
  26. Gold plate & Electroplating - File name gold.txt.
  27. Christian Grove - File name grove.txt.
  28. Phillipp Haas & Soehne - File name hass.txt.
  29. Jonas G. Hall - File name hall.txt.
  30. Hamilton Watch Co. - Time Line - File name hamilton.txt.
  31. Hampden Watch Co. / Duber Watch Co. - File name hampden.txt.
  32. Gordian Hettich & Sohn - File name hettich.txt.
  33. George Holloway - File name holloway.txt.
  34. Jacob Hostetter - File name hostette.txt.
  35. The E. Ingraham Company - File name ingraha.txt.
  36. Abraham-Joseph LeCoultre - File name jaeger.txt.
  37. Chauncey Jerome - Time Line - File name jerome.txt.
  38. Junghans Clock Co. - File name junghans.txt.
  39. English, Italian, & French lacquers - File name lacquer.txt.
  40. Jaeger - LeCoultre - File name lecoultr.txt.
  41. Josef Kaiser - File name kaiser.txt.
  42. Kieninger clocks pendulum lengths - File name kiening.txt.
  43. A. J. Lange and Sons - File name lange.txt.
  44. Long group - File name long.txt.
  45. Lorenz Furtwängler and Son - File name lfs.txt.
  46. Fredrich Mauthe - File name mauthe.txt.
  47. John Michael - File name michael.txt.
  48. American Military - File name military.txt.
  49. Newark Watch Co. / Cornell Watch Co. - File name newark.txt.
  50. Omega Watch Co. - File name omega.txt.
  51. French polishing formula - File name polish.txt.
  52. George Prior - File name prior.txt.
  53. Christian Reithmann - File name reithman.txt.
  54. Resch Clock Factory - File name resch.txt.
  55. David Rittenhouse - File name ritten.txt.
  56. Rolex - File name rolex.txt.
  57. Santa Fe Railroad timing - File name santafe.txt.
  58. Sidele, Saloman, & Sohne - File name sss.txt.
  59. Silver Cleaning and Polishing - File name silver.txt.
  60. George William Spies - File name spies.txt.
  61. J. P. Stevens & Co. - File name stevens.txt.
  62. Building a Simple Sun Clock - File name sunclock.txt.
  63. Tempering and Hardening steel - File name temper.txt.
  64. Thiel Brothers - File name thiel.txt.
  65. Seth Thomas Clock Co. - Time Line - File name thomas.txt.
  66. Electric Tower Clocks - J. & A. Ungerer and Verite Auguse Lucine - File name tower.txt.
  67. Union Clock Co. - File name union.txt.
  68. United States Watch Co. - File name uswatch.txt.
  69. Urgos Clock Factory - File name urgos.txt.
  70. Waltham Watch Company - File name waltham.txt.
  71. Emilian Wehrle - File name wehrle.txt.
  72. George Welsh - File name welsh.txt.
  73. H. Williamson LTD. - File name williams.txt.
  74. Winterhalder & Hofmeier - File name w&h.txt.

All of the files found here and elsewhere that have the copyright statement may be distributed freely as long as the files remain intact with their original text and form.

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