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All of my Repair Fees and All Services Offered

I'm an expert and Instructor concerning the Atmos clock !

I was an Atmos Clock and a 400-day Clock
overhaul Instructor, but no longer teaching in person and I have no alternatives.
I do, however, offer an on-line version of the Atmos Clock Classes.

If you are curious about 400-day clock or the Atmos, then please join
The International 400-day Clock Chapter # 168

I have many Atmos parts for sale.

For more information please see:  My Atmos parts Sales page.

Aftermarket Atmos parts are still available:   Aftermarket Atmos parts.

I'm experienced with all eight ( 8 ) caliber's (models) of Atmos clocks.

(Including the 50th and 150th anniversary special edition Atmos by Jaeger-LeCoultre)

My Atmos Clock & Anniversary Clock ONLY Web site.

But what is an Atmos clock and what does it look like ?

I have a repair list for Dating the Atmos which will date your Atmos via the serval number.

The Atmos bellows.  What is it and how can you tell if it's still good.
Instructions are also provided to replace it yourself.

Tips on placing the Atmos In-Beat.  This assumes that the clock is NOT running and you are a professional.

The Web page Care & Operation of the Atmos clock is helpful, informative,
and a MUST for any Atmos owner or retailer.

This page lists most of the Atmos parts and their availability.

This page lists most of the Caliber 540 Atmos parts.

This page lists most of the Caliber 519 and Atmos II Atmos parts.

Please visit my Atmos Museum.

I repair most Electric Plug In clocks.

My Electric Clock ONLY Web site.

My Revere Electric Clock & Herschede Electric Clock ONLY Web site.

Telechron rotor and other electric motor overhauls.

My repair fees for the 400-day or anniversary clock.

Please have a look at Basic Repair Fee Schedule for all other type clocks.

It should be known that ALL work is done in house and by me personally.
The exceptions are bellows refilling, dial refinishing and case refinishing.

Please visit either one of my four ( 4 ) FTP sites:

  • The Atmos FTP site (or FTP to ftp.webcom.com/pub/z4murray/atmos)
    contains every Atmos and repair fee file that I have on the Internet.

  • Earthlink FTP site contains EVERY file that I offer on the Internet.

  • The Repair FTP Site (or FTP to ftp.webcom.com/pub/z4murray/repair)
    is devoted exclusively to hints, repair tips, and trade information concerning both clocks and watches.

  • Time Information Blocks (TIBs) are compiled by Tim Sweet.
    These are little tidbits of information.

The above FTP's contain information that can answer just about any questions you may have about clocks or direct you accordingly.  My FTP's were and are the first ones to be devoted exclusively to clocks, watches and clock repair.  I have over 90 files for you to d/l and/or view.   This Web page only references a few of them.

Earthlink PDF Archive is the actual direct link to EVERY file that I offer on the
Internet via the FTP (File Transfer Protocol).


I have three unique Web site page links to check out !


Business Reference, Internet File & Software Reference, Library Reference, & U.S. Government Links

Horology Links

Professional Sources for Horological Trade Repair

What is the time now ?

Everything you always wanted to know about Clock Mainsprings.

Clockmaker's Aid Version 3.0 is a HTML program for calculating pendulum lengths, pendulum adjustments, missing wheels, lathe cutting speeds, theoretical mainspring sizes, phases of the moon, plus various other goodies.

Questions about specific age, identity, and value of both clocks and watches should be directed to one of the groups below.  These will give you the broadest based Internet exposure concerning both clocks and watches.

I will NOT respond to research or value questions.

All research questions should be directed to the following:

Antique Clocks Identification and Price Guide

Art Fact

Historical Clock & Watch Research

NAWCC's Message Board

Worth Point

For more information please see following lists:

Horology's E-mailing Lists Sign-up Information.

Call the U.S. Naval Observatory for the correct time at: 202-762-1401

or visit The U.S. Navel Observatory Master Clock

Please E-mail any comments or non-research type questions to :

Membership's include:

Recipient of the Links2Go Key Resource Award on Clocks Topic.


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