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Mike's Atmos Clock Clinic's LeCoultre Atmos Clock Valuation

Mike's Clock Clinic P. O. Box 562 1151 D Street Fossil, OR 97830-0562 Phone: Do NOT call for value, just read, please. The P.O. Box is for the USPS only and should be removed for all other carriers. E-mail address: (Preferred method of contact) MCC's Web site is located at

Below is EVERYTHING you need to date and determine the value of your Atmos. Please do NOT contact me for value because I don't follow nor track the value of any Atmos clock or any clock for that matter. This is a free public service, so don't "muck" it up by contacting me and forcing my hand to delete this Web page. I do buy Atmos' for cannibalization, so that I can use the parts. Don't haggle because I'm not interested unless the Atmos is shipped to me, packed well and you can wait for a snail mailed payment AFTER I receive the clock. If I'm dissatisfied, I'll repack it and send it back the next day via some ground service. Assuming I am satisfied, I'll mail my business check the next day. This offer is only good for clocks located in the United States and please E-mail first before you send the clock. I may not need it and I'll need to see pictures. For any caliber other than the 540 (528, 526, 519, etc.), I'll pay $250.00 shipped to me, with the same criteria as above. Please manually move the minute hand clockwise for a few hours and if the hour hand moves as you would expect then most likely I'll be making the purchase, assuming the clock is complete and intact. The $50. of the $250., is about what shipping will cost you, so you will net around $200.00. My buying of the caliber 540 is temporarily suspended because I have plenty. I'm still purchasing the lower calibers for $250.00 shipped to me. I offer $300.00 for your Atmos as long as I can verify it is a caliber 540 Atmos, the clock is complete and you will pack it well and the shipping is included in the $300. offer. If you would like to determine which caliber Atmos you have, then see the next link. Determining Your Caliber
The Value of Your Atmos
The value of any Atmos clock is something I'm asked constantly. In an effort to cut down the flow of E-mails and particularly phone calls that pertain only to value, I have developed this Web page. The values I'm going to mention are sales on between individuals and retail and resale prices in physical stores will be higher. The most important thing to remember is that value is relative. The old saying, "Something is worth what someone will pay for it", is most applicable here and the timing of your sale has the greatest affect on value. The value of the average Atmos is around $700. The average cost to overhaul an Atmos is around $850.00 and the base overhaul price is $625.00 and may go higher dependant on needed parts. One half of the Atmos' I overhaul need additional parts and the other 50% do not. In very general terms, an Atmos made before 1983, which is a caliber # 532 and lower, is worth anywhere from $500.00 to $1,200.00. If the Atmos was made 1983 or after, which is a caliber # 540 and higher, it is worth anywhere from $500.00 to $1,500.00. Please see this link in order to determine when your Atmos was made, based on its serial number. The serial number is located on top of the movement next to the fast-slow adjustment. On some early caliber 519's and the Atmos II's the serial number is located on the bottom of the movement and you can see it through the front of the case. Atmos' that do not have a clear glass on the top usually have a paper sticker on the bottom of the base with a hand written serial number. Please remember to lock the balance (pendulum) BEFORE you turn any Atmos upside down. Please keep in mind, that LeCoultre totally redesigned the Atmos in mid 1983 and therefore any Atmos with a serial # under 600,000 is now unique. The above valuation numbers assume that the physical condition is good to excellent, if your Atmos has some physical flaws, then its selling price will drop. If your Atmos is not working then subtract about $250.00 from the totals above and yes that indicates that having your Atmos overhauled in order to increase its sale price will not be economically beneficial. If your Atmos has a square dial then add $200.00 or so to the totals above. The real ironic kicker is that a brand new Atmos clock lists around $6,000.00 and that may be why the used market is as active as it is. But if you want to research the "real" value for your Atmos then go to Click on advanced search, once in advance search, type in the words Atmos clock and leave the category box as all categories. Check sold listings. Then click the Search icon. There you will find the last 30 days of closed auctions and you might find a few that are like yours or at least similar. In general, a serial # around 25,000 above or below your serial #, will give you a similar Atmos for valuation purposes. Please realize that value of the Atmos is like any other commodity. It will fluctuate and sometimes greatly and there is no way to know the best time to sell or buy. The other large consideration is rarity. There are simply too many factors in order to determine how rare your Atmos happens to be and I'm NOT about to go into that with you but the eBay search will "automatically" take that into consideration. Rarity plays a small part because 98% of the Atmos' you see are the "run of the mill" base line Atmos. There are numerous versions above that base line but the most common is sometimes called the Marina. This has clear acrylic glass panels around the five sides and a motif of some kind, like Chinese or Japanese characters or fishing related characters or a mountain scene with trees. These Marina Atmos' will fetch at least $1,500.00 and usually more. I'm not an appraiser and don't give valuation. Ebay is by far your best research tool and the best place to sell it for the best price.
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