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The files listed below pertain to horology.  These 85 files and links may be down loaded (d/l) into your computer.

You should also be aware that all of the file I have on the Internet have been scanned with the latest version of Avast! Anti-Virus.

  1. Table of Contents- It describes and displays the files listed below in strict alphabetical order.

  2. My two part article on servicing the 400-day clock as it appeared in AWCI's "Horological Times" - File name 400-day.pdf
  3. 400-day Clock Repair Guide information - File name 400book.pdf
  4. Instructor's fees covering the 400-day (Anniversary) Clock - Web site.
  5. My 400-day repair service charges - Web site
  6. 400-day repair tips - File name 400tips.pdf
  7. The 519part.pdf is a listing of complete parts for the caliber # 519 Atmos and Atmos II's. - Web site.
  8. The 540part.pdf is a listing of complete parts for the caliber # 540 Atmos. - Web site.
  9. Atmos Clock care and operation instructions - Web site
  10. The Repair of the Adamantine Case Finish by Ben E. Fulbright- File name adamant.pdf

  11. Advise on picking your local repair person - File name advise.pdf
  12. Atmos Clock care and operation instructions - Web site.
  13. Explains my Atmos Instructor's when compared to AWCI's Atmos 2-day course - File name atmocost.pdf
  14. A complete parts list of the most popular Atmos model the 526/528. - Web site.
  15. Atmos dating via serial number - Web site
  16. My Atmos repair service charges - Web site.
  17. General repair advice on the Atmos clock - File name atmosgen.pdf
  18. Brief history overview of the production of the Atmos clock - File name atmoshistory.pdf
  19. Instructor's fees covering the Atmos Clock - Web site
  20. My Atmos repair service charges for the customer outside of North America - Web site

  21. My basic repair service charges - Web site
  22. Rudimentary cleaning and lubrication of a clock movement for the amateur. - File name basiccleaning.pdf
  23. Allows you to date all Big and Baby Ben clocks - File name bben.pdf
  24. Tips on how you can place the Atmos clock "in-beat" - File name beat.pdf
  25. Describes how to replace the soldered bellows. - File name bellows2.pdf
  26. Atmos bellows. How you can identify a good one from a bad one. - Web site.
  27. My repair services for the electric clock - Web site
  28. A guide for using the Bergeon bushing tool. Provided by Harry Gilmore.
  29. A set of questions and answers from the customer's point of view compiled by James Edwards - File name brochure.pdf
  30. The bulginghook.pdf - Describes how to repair a loose of bulging mainspring barrel hook. - File name bulginghook.pdf

  31. Examining the French Bulle mantel clock - File name bulle.pdf
  32. Determining which chain to use on a weight driven clock, when the chain is missing - File name chain.pdf
  33. Chelsea Clock Co. production dates based on serial numbers by Bob Setnik - File name chelsea.pdf
  34. Home-made cleaning solution - File name cleaner.pdf
  35. Clockmakers-Aid version 2.01- software for IBM PC and self-extracting. By Tony Harrison-Smith; Pendulum length calculations and adjustments. Plus gear calculations, lathe cutting speeds, mainspring sizing, moon phases, and more. Web page clockaid.htm)
  36. A file that lists most of the 3 letter export company codes for Swiss watchmakers. - File name codes.pdf
  37. How to easily count the teeth in a clock wheel by Harry Gilmore- File name counting.pdf
  38. An explanation of the deadbeat esacapement.. - File name deadbeat.pdf
  39. Dial refinishers and manufacturers for clocks and watches - File name dials.pdf
  40. Glass dome suppliers for clocks and watches - File name domes.pdf

  41. Allows you to estimate dates of German made clocks. Compiled by Douglas K. Stevenson- - File name drps.pdf
  42. How to get started in clock repair - File name educate.pdf
  43. A procedure for replacing teeth in an electric clock's fiber wheel. - File name fiber.pdf
  44. An article on how to run a clock repair business and estimating repairs. - File name flatrates.pdf
  45. French clock movement identification by Scotty Dean - File name french.pdf
  46. Clock glass and watch crystal suppliers - File name glass.pdf
  47. Hard to Find Clock Parts - File name hardtofind.pdf
  48. Hermle floating balance - This file shows how to adjust the beat and increase the speed of the Hermle floating balance - File name hermle.pdf
  49. Herschede movement dating by serial number - File name hersche.pdf
  50. The History of Watches - File name historyo.pdf

  51. Adjusting the hour hand for when the strike does not match the time indicated - File name hourhand.pdf.
  52. My service techniques and charges for routine grandfather house calls - File name housecal.pdf
  53. A text file describing of how I fill an Atmos bubble level that has dried up. - File name level.pdf
  54. Lubrication summary from the mailing list Clocks by Brian Shaw - File name lube-oil.pdf
  55. Older catalogs listing of mainsprings - File name mainspr.pdf
  56. The manual.pdf was scanned from a 1967 Atmos set up manual from Jaeger-LeCoultre. - File name manual.pdf
  57. A list of the known electric clock motor manufacturers. - File name manelect.pdf
  58. Clock and movement manufacturers - File name manufact.pdf
  59. Clock material and parts suppliers - File name matclock.pdf
  60. United States clock material and parts suppliers - File name matclockusa.pdf

  61. Material and parts suppliers of non-horological companies - File name matother.pdf
  62. Watch material and parts suppliers - File name matwatch.pdf
  63. Modern movements conversions charts - File name movements.pdf
  64. Moving a grandfather clock safely - File name moving.pdf
  65. Comments on the availability and what's "not" in the "Atmos Repair Notes" in order to overhaul the Atmos. - File name notes.pdf
  66. Olliebaker.pdf is a document detailing how to use the Ollie Baker mainspring winder. - File name Olliebaker.pdf
  67. Omega Watch serial number dating - File name omega.pdf
  68. When Hermle started and stopped using plated pivots. - File name plated.pdf
  69. The proper use of the French hole closing punches. - File name punching.pdf
  70. Tips for regulating the Atmos when the adjustment lever is all the way fast or slow. - File name regulate.pdf

  71. Resume for Mike's Clock Clinic - Web site
  72. Servicing on the Reutter Atmos clock. By Frank Patten MBHI - File name reuttermanual.pdf
  73. A description of my services covering both Telechron rotors and other rotor/motors - Web site
  74. A M/S Word file that details how to rebuild a Telechron "B" rotor. - File name Rotor Rebuilding.pdf
  75. A description of the Telechron rotors in sequence. - File name rotors.pdf
  76. Clock and watch training schools - File name schools.pdf
  77. Instructions for installing a silk thread pendulum by Rob Beaver - File name silkpend.pdf
  78. Q´s & A´s about starting a career in horological repair - File name start-up.pdf
  79. Descriptions of most of the clock striking systems - File name striking.pdf
  80. Time Information Blocks by Tim Sweet are little historical bits of information about various clock and watch makers - Web page sweet.html

  81. How to regulate a 400-day clock. - File name timing.pdf
  82. Development & History of the watch - File name watch.pdf
  83. How to identify an original Simon Willard clock By Ben E. Fulbright - File name willard.pdf
  84. The Windows Timing Program by Greg Saville- Web site
  85. Repairing that clock yourself? Please read this file - File name yourself.pdf

All of the files found here and elsewhere that have the copyright statement may be distributed freely as long as the files remain intact with their original text and form.

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