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LeCoultre Atmos Part Numbers and Their Availability

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All illustrations and pictures are courtesy of Jaeger-LeCoultre

In general, the Atmos II, 519, 529 take unique parts. The 522, & 532 take all 526/528 parts accept the escape wheel, which is a 519 part.  The 540 and higher all take 540 parts.

The movement caliber number is usually stamped on the front plate of movement (see repair guide for location).  Another location is found on the bottom of the case, please be sure to lock the pendulum before you look for the caliber number located on the bottom of the case.  The following are the most popular caliber numbers: Movement Caliber:
Cal. 540 Cal. 532 Cal. 529 Cal. 528 Cal. 526 Cal. 522 Cal. 519 Cal. Atmos II The Atmos II and the 519 are not marked for their caliber, the distinct difference is that the Atmos II as a "knob" for adjusting the fast and slow. Atmos II's and caliber 519's can be identified by the fact that their fork has a large rounded "apple" end.
The Atmos II and caliber 519's can use most of the parts and their number listed here.  Please see 519 parts list for a complete listing for those parts and part numbers.  Specifically, the Atmos II and caliber 519 MUST take unique parts for each of the following:
Barrel # 3820 Barrel arbor # 3821 Movement plate # 3824 3/4 plate # 3825 Fork # 3826 & # 3827 Third Wheel # 3832 Center wheel # 3833 Escape wheel # 3835 Clicks and pulley assembled # 3875 Arbor and ratchet assembled # 3877 Roller # 3879 Intermediate wheel # 3886
So, generally speaking all movement wheel and plates are different with the one exception of the fourth wheel, which is the wheel that carries the minute hand.  Virtually all other parts are interchangeable.
The two below are in the frame and not in the actual movement.
The gears are arranged as follows:
# 3481 the mainspring barrel # 3497 the intermediate wheel
The movements gear follow:
# 3400 Center wheel (The intermediate wheel drive this movement gear.) # 3401 Third wheel # 3402 Fourth wheel (The minute hand attaches to this gear.) # 3409 Escape wheel # 3410 Pallet fork and staff
The following is all the information I have on obtaining Atmos parts.

Atmos Parts Web Page

The following is a complete list of the Atmos parts for the calibers 522 through 532. The caliber 540 was a complete "overhaul" from the previous design and their part numbers are totally different.  I have a separate listing for 540 parts .

Atmos Clock Parts List for Calibers 522 through 532.

Atmos Clock Parts List for Calibers 522 through 532.


3400 Center Wheel 3401 3rd Wheel 3402 4th Wheel - Minute Wheel 3403 Hour Wheel Stud 3404 Hour Wheel 3405 Bushing 3406 Minute Wheel - Intermediate wheel or idler gear 3407 End Stone (2 jewels) 3408 End Stone (1 jewel) 3409 Escape Wheel 3410 Pallet, Fork & Staff 3414 Dial (state color, size, shape and numerals) 3415 Minute Hand 3416 Hour Hand 3417v Water Level 3417vi Water Level 3417viii Water Level 3418 Rubber Bushing 3430 3/4 Plate & Pallet Stud Screw 3431 End Stone Screw 3432 Movable Cannon Screw 3450 Upper & Bottom Center Wheel Jewel 3451 Upper 3rd Wheel Jewel 3452 Bottom 3rd Wheel Jewel 3453 Bottom 4th Wheel Jewel 3454 Escape Wheel & Lever Wheel Jewel 3455 End Piece Jewel 3457 Entry Pallet Jewel 3458 Exit Pallet Jewel 3481 Barrel 3482 Barrel Cover 3483 Mainspring 3484 Bridle 3485 Mainspring Arbor 3486 Chain & Spring Pulley 3487 Click Spring 3488 Pulley Washer 3489 Ratchet Click 3490 Counter Spring 3491 Chain 3492 Chain Stopper 3493 Spring Guide 3494 Coil Spring (52mm) 3495 Pulley Spring 3497 Intermediate Wheel - 2nd wheel on frame 3499 Lower Bridge 3500 Bent Locking Washer 3501 Friction Washer 3502 Stopping Spring 3504 Roller Spring 3505 Roller Spring Pin 3506 Roller (COMPLETE) 3507 Roller Washer 3508 Roller Staff 3509 Roller Staff Pin 3510 Regulating Clamp 3512 Regulating Cannon & Spring 3513 Complete Regulator 3514 Upper Bridge Support Washer 3516 Regulating Spring Pillar 3517 Suspension Unit 3518 Suspension Cannon Wire Pin 3519 Motor Knob 3420 Moving Center Point 3521/1.0 Regulating Mass (1.0mm) 3521/1.5 Regulating Mass (1.5mm) 3521/2.0 Regulating Mass (2.0mm) 3522 Regulating Stud 3524 Banking Washer (Cal. 526, 528) 3526 Cylindrical Nut (Cal. 528) 3533R Dial Rest (for ROUND dial) 3533S Dial Rest (for SQUARE dial) 3536 Lower Bridge 3538 Moving Tube 3539 Balance Wheel 3540 Balance Wheel Tube 3541 Stop Finger 3542 Outside Stopping Spring 3543 Counter-Nut Stop Finger 3544 Inner Stop Spring 3545 Inner Stop Arbor 3546 Motor Protecting Plate 3547 Coil Spring (70mm) 3548 Cover Spring Guide 3550 Barrel Cover Screw 3551 Plate & Bottom Bridge Screw 3552 Spring Guide & Roller Washer Screw 3553 Regulating Cannon & Spring Screw (For regulating clamp) 3554 Banking Washer Screw 3555 Suspension Cannon Wire Screw 3556 Movement Fixing Screw 3557 Clock Base & Bottom Plate Screw 3558 Stopping Spring Screw 3559 Stopping Lever Screw 3560 Dial Screw 3562 Upper Bridge & Balance Screw 3563 Dial Rest Screw 3564 Clock Base Screw 3565 Stop Finger Screw 3580 Metal Drum 3581 Bellows 3582 Drum Cover (Cal. 526, 528) 3582i Drum Cover 3582ii Drum Cover 3583v Clock Base 3583viii Clock Base (BRUSHED) 3583viii Clock Base (POLISHED) 3584 Upper Frame 3585 Bottom Frame 3586vi Holder 3586viii Holder 3587iv Back Holder 3587v Back Holder 3587viii Back Holder 3588v Front Holder (RIGHT) 3588viii Front Holder (RIGHT) 3589v Front Holder (LEFT) 3590v Upper Bezel ( x mm) 3590viii Upper Bezel (POLISHED) (142 x 189mm) 3590viii Upper Bezel (BRUSHED) (142 x 189mm) 3591v Bottom Bezel ( x mm) 3591viii Bottom Bezel (POLISHED) ( x mm) 3591viii Bottom Bezel (BRUSHED) ( x mm) 3592v Upper Glass (115 x 157mm) 3592vi Upper Glass (131 x 179mm) 3592viii Upper Glass (131 x 179mm) 3593v Side Glass (115 x 182mm) 3593vi Side Glass ( x mm) 3593viii Side Glass ( x mm) 3594v Front/Back Glass ( x mm) 3594vi Front/Back Glass ( x mm) 3594viii Back Glass ( x mm) 3595v Back Glass (142 x 90mm) 3595viii Back Glass ( x mm) 3596 Front Glass (Cal. 522 & 532)(117 x 117mm) 3596vi Front Glass (144 x 185mm) 3596viii Front Glass (163 x 181mm) 3597 Rubber Joint 3598 Holder Screw 3599 Clock Case Bezel Screw 3600 Door Front Bezel Screw 3601 Upper Bezel Screw 3602 Bottom Bezel Screw 3603 Clock Case Plug 3604 Clock Case Plug Screw 3605 Bottom Bezel Screw (case)
Case Style: (Roman numerals in above list)
The case style number is usually stamped on the under side of the case as either a Roman number (as noted in parts list) or as an Arabic number along with the movement caliber number (such as VIII or 528-8).

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