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Mike's Clock Clinic's Business References, Library Reference Desk, Internet Files & Software, & U.S. Government Links

Internet's free reference desks and dictionaries.

Some references on the Internet are starting to charge a fee, so enjoy these.

1 Up Info

The Argus Clearinghouse (A translation dictionary)

Facts and Reference

Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing

Ka-BOOM! A Dictionary of Comicbook Words

Merriam-Webster OnLine

OneLook Dictionaries by Robert K. Ware

The Private Academic Library Network of Indiana

The Scholes Library Electronic Reference Desk is bilingual contextual dictionary, containing translations of various phrases.

University of Michigan Electronic Reference Shelf

WebEc`s Reference Shelf

Archives of E-mailing lists, USENET newsgroups, & Web discussion groups.

Internet Software Sites.

A1 Shareware Evaluations

Absolute Freeware


DGAF Shareware Page

Free Site

FTP File Search

Intervue Digest's Egallery

"Jumbo" The Official Shareware Web Site

NONAGS. A large collection of Windows Freeware programs.

Stroud's Consummate Internet Apps List

The WinSite(tm) Archive. The largest software archive for Windows.

WWW.FILEZ.COM - Search for over 75 million files!!

ZDNet downloads

U. S. Government Sites.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Central Intelligence Agency

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Internal Revenue Service

U. S. Congressional E-Mail Addresses

U. S. Copyright Office

The U. S. Library of Congress

U. S. Postal Service

U. S. Supreme Court

The White House

Need to send or track a package?

Airborne Express

DHL Worldwide Express

Federal Express (Fed Ex)

National Air Cargo


United Parcel Service (U.P.S.)

U. S. Postal Service

International search for zip codes.

International Zip Codes

Phone Area Code Lookup - U.S. and Canada Area Code Listings

All Area

A numeric listing of Canadian and U.S. area codes

Area Codes

Save money by dialing an 800, 877, or 888 phone number.

Toll-Free Assistance Directory

What if you know the person`s or company`s name but not their E-mail address?

The Internet Address Finder

This service also does exactly the opposite search (E-mail to the person or company).

If you know only part of a person`s or company`s address and need the full mailing address.

The National Address Server

If you are looking for just about any address and phone #, you will find it at:

Any Who Seems to be the best and free.

Switchboard Home page

White Pages


You can look up just about anything in business in North America with:

Thomas Register of American Manufacturers

If you have a Business Reference, Dictionary, or Reference Desk related Web site please send the address for a possible link!

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