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Outline of my Atmos Clock Course


Last updated January 01, 2015. Copyright 1998-2017 Michael P. Murray & Mike's Clock Clinic Mike's Clock Clinic 1600 Maryland Avenue Myrtle Point, OR 97458-1508 In continuous horological service since 04/01/82 541-559-1090 or 877-286-6762 (Toll Free) E-mail MCC's Web site is located at The total costs can be viewed at Atmocost.html ATMOS OVERHAUL BENCH COURSE OUTLINE The repair and overhaul of the LeCoultre Atmos clock; A two-day course This two-day course is designed for the clock or watch repair person or hobbyist who is already proficient with all the basic clock or watch service and repair skills. These skills, for the Clockmaker, are the knowledge and skills required in order to completely disassemble and properly assemble a "carriage" type clock with a platform escapement. Or the knowledge and skills to completely disassemble and properly assemble a pocket watch. Any watchmaker, with the knowledge and skills in order to completely disassemble and assemble a mechanical watch, may also take this course. If a student comes to the class that is obviously not qualified to work on the Atmos, then I'll be forced to ask them to leave or sit quietly. The reasoning here is because this two or three day course cannot provide introductory lessons for the beginner and each and every student would suffer and I doubt that we will be able to cover the overhaul in it's entirety. The opportunity exists to take a third day, which will concern itself with the Atmos caliber 540 and higher. If you are already proficient in the 528/526 and earlier calibers, then I'd be glad to provide a one day only course in the overhaul of the 540 caliber. Day One: Inspection, Documentation, Disassembly, Addressing Bellows and Mainspring, Cleaning, and Poising of both the Balance and Fork. Inspection: Visual observation of exactly what you will need and areas that may need special attention. Documentation: Keeping a worksheet of the vital statistics of the Atmos for future reference. Disassembly: Removing the movement and frame from its case, removing the bellows, movement, balance and proper disassembly of all of the above. Addressing: Bellows and mainspring; measuring and making the determination of when to replace. Cleaning: Discussing proper cleaning techniques and we will hand clean in class Poising: Techniques and skills needed to poise both the balance and fork. Day Two: Assembly of Frame, Movement, and Balance, Required Lubrication, Checking Beat, Timing both Electronically and Manually, Final assembly, and Parts in as far as where to obtain them, proper ordering, and their cost. Assembly: Reassembly of frame, movement and balance and skills needed to do this right the first time. Lubrication: Critical areas of lubrication and what lubricant to use. Beat: The balance and fork must be in near perfect beat and how to obtain this. Timing: Covering both electronic timing and manual timing. Final Assembly: Putting it all back together and final timing. Parts: Complete parts list, making sure you order the right part and the cost of those parts. Material and Tool List that the students must bring to the class. MATERIALS: You must bring one Atmos clock of the appropriate caliber. For the two day course any LeCoultre Atmos with a caliber # of 532 or less is required. This translates to a serial # of 599,999 or lower. For the third day, any LeCoultre Atmos clock with a caliber # of 540 or higher is required. This translates to a serial # of 600,000 or higher. This clock does not have to be working, but must be as complete as possible with all the parts you have even if they are not installed. All parts used in class will be sold at cost plus 10% and I'll only sell parts for the particular clock you work on in class. A copy of the appropriate LeCoultre Atmos Repair Notes. These are available from most major clock part suppliers. Please read it prior to coming to the class. I'll have a supply of these Notes and overheads from those Notes. Purchase the caliber # 528 Repair Notes and/or the caliber # 540 Repair Notes, if you are taking the 540 course. TOOLS: (It should be noted that I don't expect you to bring everything listed here but please make your best effort to bring as many as you possibly can) 1/100th second, hand timer or an electronic timer that reads BPH to at least two places after the decimal point. I.E. XXX.XX or greater. 2 tweezers or more (any combination of # 3, # 5, # AA, or # MM) 2.5 mm flat blade screwdriver (either a # 6 or # 7 and bring several) 6 mm flat blade screwdriver (either a # 2 or # 3 and bring several) 5 sided cutting broach and smoothing broaches 8 mm or 5/16" box or open-ended wrench and corresponding sockets 6' extension cord and one electric strip with at least a 4 plugs 4/0000 or 6/0000 emery paper 4/0000 or 6/0000 steel wool Atmos balance posing tool Atmos minute hand remover (You may use large clock pry bars) Atmos movement holder, or a Bulova electric watch movement holder, or a Bulova Universal Movement holder # 300 Brass brush Brass hammer and nylon hammer Bench lamp Crow's foot Ear Syringe Large thin clock pry bars Loupe or other work magnifier Pegwood Pithwood Portable bench riser of at least 8" x 12" x 6" high Portable bench vise Regular and needle-nosed pliers and bring several Scotch tape and be sure it's in the original roll Shellac (Flake or liquid) Small smooth jaw parallel pliers and bring several Staking set (clock or watchmakers set). The watchmakers set is preferred. (Bring both if you can) Surgeon-type or cloth gloves Svelte or Shammy cloth Vice Grip pliers Any of your own bench hand tools Any Atmos specific tools that you may have accumulated and most Atmos tools are available from TimeSavers. If the course is three students or under then we can share all my tools but try to bring as much of the above as possible. END of outline Respectfully, Michael P. Murray The FTP sites can be accessed from Mike's Clock Clinic's Web site. This site contains all of the FTP (file transfer protocol) sites mentioned below plus much, much more. The FTP sites are as follows: Atmos Clock FTP site. and Repair Web FTP site. or Main Earthlink FTP site (contains all of the above). A service from, E-mail address Mike Murray Founder of Clocksmiths A specialist in Atmos and 400-day clock repair. Also, I overhaul most plug in electric clocks. In continuous service since 04/01/1982. Mike's Clock Clinic Memberships: Clocksmiths & NAWCC My Web site is located at Main FTP site is located at


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