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Costs of the Atmos Course

Last updated February 01, 2015.

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	The cost of my 2-day course is relatively fixed.
Considering a general airfare price of $300.00, a general
meeting place price of $125.00 per day, and a general hotel
price of $75.00 per day, I have broken down your group's costs
relative to those numbers.

	Please keep in mind that any place with good lighting
and adequate facilities such as tables, chairs, overhead
projector, and screen can be used.  Please make sure that
this location can be locked, so that we can leave everything
there overnight for the second or third day.  This will reduce
your overall costs if this can be provided by your local
meeting place or someone's house.

	Another possibility is for me staying with one of the
participants and eliminating the hotel costs.  As long as I
have my own room, TV, and bed, then I'll be content.

	AWCI had a bench course in the Repair of the Atmos
Clock which I have taken in 1990.  That course costs were
based on a per student fee for the 2-day course.  My course is
much more complete and I have a 16 student limit and the course I
took had a limit of 8 students.  So your savings could be significant
because I do not charge on a per student basis.

	I charge $500.00 per day plus air and hotel (or at a
participant's house).  Also I have the capability of doing a
third day on the 540 caliber for an additional $500.00 which AWCI
did NOT offer.

	Participants must meet my skill requirements and
must provide an Atmos of the appropriate caliber.

	These skills, for the Clockmaker, are the knowledge
and skills required in order to completely disassemble and
properly assemble a "carriage" type clock with a platform
escapement.  Or the knowledge and skills to completely
disassemble and properly assemble a pocket watch.  Any
watchmaker, with the knowledge and skills in order to
completely disassemble and assemble a mechanical watch,
may also take this course.

	If a student comes to the class that is obviously not
qualified to work on the Atmos, then I'll be forced to ask them
to leave or sit quietly.  The reasoning here is because this
two or three day course cannot provide introductory lessons
for the beginner and each and every student would suffer
and I doubt that we will be able to cover the overhaul in it's

	You must bring one Atmos clock of the appropriate
caliber.  For the two day course any LeCoultre Atmos with
a caliber # of 532 or less is required. This translates
to a serial # of 599,999 or lower.  For the third day,
any LeCoultre Atmos clock with a caliber # of 540 or
higher is required.  This translates to a serial # of
600,000 or higher.  This clock does not have to be
working, but must be as complete as possible with all
the parts you have even if they are not installed.

Item Two days Three days
Air fare $ 300.00 $ 300.00
Fees 1,000.00 1,500.00
Meeting place 250.00 375.00
Hotel 225.00 300.00
Total $1,775.00 $2,475.00
	I know that my course is the most complete and
covers areas like replacing the old soldered type of

	As far as I know I'm the only one offering a course
on the caliber 540, which began production in 1983 and still
continues today.

	For the airfare, I'd need at least 3 weeks notice
and at least the airfare money advanced to me in order to
pay for the trip.  To further reduce your overall costs,
I'll fly the cheapest way as long as I arrived within 4
hours from the time I take off.  All other expenses, like
the hotel and Instructor's fees should be paid at that time
but I'm willing to wait until I arrive and someone locally
can pay for the hotel and I must be paid for the Instructor's
fees the day I land at your location.

    Parts and tools are available and please see this page for details. Please see "" for all of the particulars. Respectfully, Michael P. Murray A specialist in Atmos and 400-day clock repair. Also, I overhaul most plug in electric clocks. In continuous service since 04/01/1982. Mike's Clock Clinic Memberships: NAWCC My Web site is located at Main FTP site is located at Memberships: Clocksmiths & NAWCC N.A.W.C.C. International 400-day Clock Chapter # 168 Published in Chapter 168's "Torsion Times" Formally AWCI's 400-day (Anniversary) clock Bench Course Instructor!

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